How do you do it?

How do you do it?
Why do you do it?
Don’t you find it boring?
What’s the point?

All questions I get asked on a regular basis. Questions I even ask myself on the dark cold rainy mornings when I have to get out and train!

Often I’ll just say I don’t know, I enjoy it I suppose. Its hard to give people a good reason. To explain that finish line feeling. If you’ve not done it there’s nothing like it.

The sense of elation as I crossed the line at the World Championships in Mexico was different to any other race. It was so hot my brain wasn’t even working properly, but I was gad to see that  line after 9 months of hard work. I had finally done it. In a great time, not passed out, with my parents watching.

It was just a bonus that I finished 5th and pre qualified for 2017. And although I might not have enjoyed every second of the race whilst I was doing it. All I can remember is how happy I was to celebrate at the end and after the race with a few margaritas in Senor Frogs 😉

It was a great race, a great week and an amazing year. I met so many new inspiring people. I improved so much. So that’s why Ill be doing it all again this year.
For that all important buzz!


Yesterday we did motivation profiling at work. Although this was primarily work focused the results didn’t surprise me at all and they are so applicable to everyday life and triathlon too! And if nothing else gave me inspiration for a blog post!

I scored high on goal orientation. I’m best suited to tasks where the job is to maintain focus on a goal. I’m also 180% motivated by opportunities to belong…whatever that means!!

So motivation. I need to set some goals for the year. And I need to feel like I belong, perhaps that people agree with my goals. Hence why I’ve been battling back and forth with coach Imo for the past few days trying to set goals and get some help from her.
But what I’ve learnt is YOU are the only one who can set your goals. As she keeps telling me….
You can get help. But you have to set them and carry them out at the end of the day.

I’ve set mainly time goals for this year. Times for both standard and half ironman distance. They look good. I should position highly and now I cant wait to cross the line with a massive smile on my face. That’s sure to keep me motivated through the training.


What else keeps me motivated?

I’m sure I could come up with much more but here’s what springs to mind!

I love the plan. Ever since I got a coach (thanks Imo) its been so much easier to train. Seeing your new weeks training roll in is like Christmas. It gives everyday a goal and we all know how much I love a goal!
It also helps when there’s another person on the end of your plan seeing if you did it or not…. those dreaded red and orange on boxes on training peaks ain’t helping anyone!
This is so contrary to my time training for orienteering. I hated it, I never stuck to the plan and I always found excuses. Now this training never gets boring and I love the plan! Old orienteering friends are surprised by the number of hours I do now but I love it. Crazy how things change.
Guess I found my thing.

I was ill ok!?

I also never thought I’d meet so many inspiring people. From races to Instagram. Its AMAZING. And its great when someone tells you, you are their inspiration. That feeling is priceless.

What’s the point?

I like being fit, I like seeing improvement, I like eating copious amounts of food, I love triathlon and I love getting the odd compliment!

So Ill keep training and doing what I do. As long as I’m happy 🙂

Do it for the coach shouting at you to maintain form in your most important race
Do it for all the new people you met and inspired you at TriCamp
Do it for you best friend
Do it for your family
Do it for yourself.

They will all be proud.

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