Down to the last 30!

The last few days have been eventful. I find myself on a rest week so plenty of time for writing some more ramblings. Read on for an update on whats been going on with me (nicknamed the ‘Kirkinator’ by Pat @ DoE after I chicked him on the turbo the other week…)

I’ve been trying out a new energy drink called Active Root. Natural ginger…it tastes great sits on the stomach well and is full of energy for those tough sessions. Check them out!

I got a new bike ready for European champs in Kitzbuhl Austria. Word on the street was that this course has some serious hills and some complex decents. So 1 brand new Canyon Endurace for me. Happy Early Birthday to me 🙂 Thanks to Ben and Pat for sorting me out with a fit and building the bike! Tried and tested it out on a OneTri RDS club ride last weekend. Managed to keep up with the TTs mostly despite a heavy week of training. So far so good!

I’ve just finished a big block of training focusing on running, building up my distances from 10k to 20k and plenty of track sessions too! Hopefully this will help for the race on Sunday – Hampton Court Half marathon. First test of the year, so expect a full debrief after that one.

The mudfest that was National XC with my FRC bandits


Looking forward to hitting up Challenge TriCamp in less than two weeks, catching up with the coaches and Michelle & David 🙂 Its going to be fun and marks the start of lots more cycling! On another note its now light enough for cycling pre-work in Richmond Park WINNER!

Last year on TriCamp…where the idea of was born


My coach Imo Simmonds broke her collarbone…on her birthday. It happens to the best of us and she’s now joined the titanium crew. All the cool people do it… that’s my elbow on the right. You’ll be back faster than ever in no time at all. Meanwhile I’ll try and do my best not to let you down. Rest up and stay safe Imo!

UPDATE: Fellow FRC club mate also broke his collarbone last night. Andy rest up and recover well champ!

And finally last week I found out I had made the final 30 in the Ashmei ambassador programme. I submitted an application for this awesome kit company based near Tring a few months back and had never expected to actually get through!! Ashmei create innovative and quality cycle and run kit with an emphasis on athletes needs enabling those who wear it to train and race in style and to the best of their ability.

As part of this today I had to post something which best reflects me as an athlete in terms of performance and style and a person in terms of philosophy and values. So please go and check out the video on my instagram page! In 2017 I’m aiming to be the best of the best in my first Half Ironman race and at the World + European Standard distance championships. Being an Ashmei ambassador will definitely help me to OUTPERFORM the best

What are your 2017 goals?


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