What am I doing with my life?

Today I met up with my school Physics & Cross Country teacher. And of course he wanted to know what I was doing these days. So I thought it was about time I got back on the blog.

It’s a question I ask myself. It’s a question I get asked everyday. And no, you aren’t going to get the answer you want.

I’m not conforming to the norm.
Is it brave? I don’t think so.
Is it pioneering? Not particularly.
Is it what I really really want to do right now? Yes.

Nearly 10 months ago I quit my life in the big city. I’m no longer pursuing a ‘career’ in the traditional sense. However it doesn’t stop recruiters contacting me on a daily basis…..Did you actually read my LinkedIn profile?

I’m a full time athlete. Trying to be the best I can be.


When I first packed up and left for Thailand I said this:

“Ok so I don’t actually know what that ‘dream’ is fully but each day it feels like I am getting closer and clearer picture is forming. 3 things are clear: I love triathlon, I love travelling and I love warm weather. So for now I’m going to keep chasing those 3 things.

‘What am I even doing with my life?’ Thoughts like that go through my head every day. And yes I have had some sleepless nights. But recently less so as I settle into my new routine with new friends from around the world.”

Has anything changed from that? Not really. But now I know more than ever that this is what I love doing more than anything else in the world.

There was one particular moment when I knew I had done the right thing. It wasn’t on a particularly picturesque ride, beautiful open water swim nor a tough interval run. It was in the back of a pick-up truck in the rain. A group of us had just spent the day in the south of Phuket Island and on the way back myself, Giulia & Pierre were singing at the top of our voices in the rain whilst stuck in crazy traffic. It was at that point I knew, I couldn’t go back to ‘normal’. Maybe it was the two beers we had at the beach, but I honestly have never felt so content in my life than that moment. And I couldn’t think of anything worse than going back to sitting behind a desk.


So for now I’m going to keep pursuing this new career of being a full time athlete, whilst trying to explore as much of the world as possible. So far I have met more new people and had more amazing experiences travelling through Thailand, New Zealand & Australia than I could ever of imagined. Why stop now?


I’ve returned to Europe for ‘summer’. Having raced early in the year I have taken the opportunity to train more, save money and race in Autumn instead of the traditional European summer racing. Training at home as brought new challenges. Establishing a solid European base continues to be an issue. I want to train in the countryside and see my family but also miss the ease of training in London with friends. Fortunately I have found Do3 who I swim with 3 or 4 times a week. Otherwise swim training would be nigh on impossible in Warwickshire. I have split my time between Warwickshire and various other UK trips so I don’t get cabin fever! It has been hard adjusting to many hours of solo bike training, something to find solutions for next summer!


This Autumn I will race a few more Ironman 70.3’s in the hope of qualifying for the 2020 World Championships in New Zealand. And then in November, strangely on exactly the same date as last year I will return to Phuket. Flights are booked and I honestly can’t wait to get back training with Z-coaching and coach Jürgen. I’m also looking forward to welcoming many friends to Phuket, so when are you coming to visit?


Future race plans are IM 70.3 Dubai and Challenge Roth (relay) with Team Hatch who continue to be invaluable support as I strive to be the best triathlete I can be. Incidentally next year is a big year for Team Hatch, with many new members and several long course races to hopefully raise as much money for Great Ormond Street as possible #foremma

See you on the race course soon 🙂

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