Open Water swim sessions

Not long until the pools open now!

But here’s a few open water swim ideas to keep it interesting until they do 😉

Crocodile eyes

Practice sighting, either the next buoy or a tree in the distance. Every few strokes focus on picking your head up just enough to get your eyes out of the water. Spot where you are going and then continue your stroke. This can be done before or after a breath. The key is to try and keep your rhythm hence only lifting your head up slightly!

Pick up the pace

On each lap of your local lake, increase the pace slightly. Start off super easy and aim to end up faster than your race pace. This can be done over as many loops as you like. Don’t forget to cool down with an easy lap at the end.

Oh buoy, not intervals!

Change your pace between the buoys. After 15 minutes of easy swimming to warm up. pick up the pace to the next buoy before going easy to the second. This could be a max out effort, or just aim for your race pace. Alternate this between the buoys until you have completed a full loop. You could do this for multiple loops or go back to easy swimming.

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