How to get into Triathlon

It might feel overwhelming to start a new sport let alone three! These photos are taken way back from my first year into the sport when I really didn't know what I was doing. Suddenly found myself at the World Duathlon Championships in Spain with my marathon compression socks and some clip on tri-bars attached … Continue reading How to get into Triathlon

Coconut Macaroons

Try these coconut macaroons for a taste of the tropical. Coconut always reminds me of Thailand 🙂 And you can't go wrong with dark chocolate. Only 5 ingredients required. Makes 15Ingredients:100g desiccated coconut2 egg whites (use the leftover yolks for a super yummy omelette or mayonnaise or homemade chicken kiev?!)2 tbsp honey1 tsp vanilla essence … Continue reading Coconut Macaroons

Outperform Yourself with Forth Edge

A few years ago I was introduced to the company Forth, initially as a way to see if I was deficient in anything but also to learn more about optimising my performance and recovery.They provide home blood test kits for a huge number of sports-specific biomarkers designed for athletes (both amateur & professional ;)). Now … Continue reading Outperform Yourself with Forth Edge

Homemade Houmous

Houmous, hummus, potato potata. If you've not made you're own houmous yet you are seriously missing out! The flavour possibilites are endless. And you just need a nutribullet/food processor. But you could probably get away with just a fork and some patience. Today I made sundried tomato houmous because I had some spare leftover from … Continue reading Homemade Houmous

Fool-proof Energy Balls

Homemade energy balls have been around for ages but sometimes they can have a whole host of ingredients which you either don't have or want to get. Energy balls are super simple and basically consist of some wet mostly sweet ingredients mixed with dry ingredients. All you need is a food processor/nutri bullet type contraption. … Continue reading Fool-proof Energy Balls