If not now? When?

“Sophie Kirk?”

That was the start of my 2018 season. On August 26th 2017.
It still gives me goose bumps thinking about it. That was the day I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships (South Africa 2018).


Was I expecting it? No. Did I have the race of my life. Yes. But then again IM 70.3 Vichy was my first ever middle distance triathlon.
The goals for 2017 were very simple. 4hrs51 for IM 70.3 Vichy. 30 minutes for the Swim (1.9km) 2hrs35 for the Bike (90km). 1hr45 for the run (21.1km). Plus some transition time.
Goal achieved 4hrs47. You can read more about my experience on my previous blog here. I wasn’t expecting to qualify. It was a goal I had in my head but never spoke about.


So now what to do in 2018? Where do I go from here? What are my goals for World Champs on the 1st September 2018 (wow that’s a long way away!)
After much deliberation I will be focusing on Middle distance. I won’t be going to Standard distance selection races. Focus is South Africa
Along the way I’ll be going to Challenge Lisbon and Prague. Flat and fast, don’t judge me I like flat speed. I’m excited to see what Challenge events are like too!

Over the past 2 years I’ve built a huge network of friends, family and training partners I can rely on for advice, coaching and general sound boards. When I look back over the last year I realise how easy it is to take them for granted and yet how important they all are.

I’m excited for the year ahead. I’ve also come to realise that keeping things the same gets you nowhere. Changing the routine, adding in new sessions, seeking new advice. It all keeps you motivated and in pursuit of those all important #gains. I’m excited for a few new changes:

Joining a tri club – I have finally taken the leap and joined Ful-on-Tri. They are local, have plenty of sessions and my friend Sian & James are already members. It should help with all those swim sets too!

Kogma Kinetics – Ed Norman (North face trainer, co-founder of KOGMA Kinetics) is helping me to become a better athlete. Sorting out the niggles and improving my running form and strength. So far so good!
He’s also great for ‘morale’ as he would say!


Club Peloton – I’ve started cycling with this ultra speedy group on a Tuesday morning around Richmond Park. Its a wake up call at 6.30am trying not to get dropped on the first ‘climb’. Thanks John for inviting me along!


But the biggest thing of all is…..Tomorrow I won’t be going to work. I’ve taken a mini step into the ‘pro life’ by dropping down to 4 days a week at work. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to do much more effective training in the build up to South Africa. It should ensure I get more rest over the high volume weekend periods, help me to sleep better and get less stressed anyway!

Embracing the phrase used so much at university “If not now, when?”99
(OK so at uni it wasn’t really used in this context but you live and learn right?!)

I’m throwing myself into 2018. With a bigger and better team behind me.

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