How to get into Triathlon

It might feel overwhelming to start a new sport let alone three! These photos are taken way back from my first year into the sport when I really didn’t know what I was doing. Suddenly found myself at the World Duathlon Championships in Spain with my marathon compression socks and some clip on tri-bars attached to my first road bike. It was the first time I met so many amazing & FRIENDLY people from around the world doing triathlon and it was the best week!

I recently answered questions over on Twice The Health’s instagram page (check out the IGTV here). So here are my top 5 tips on getting into triathlon:

Join a club/friends

This is how I started triathlon. I’m forever grateful for my Cross country/triathlon pals for persuading me to get a bike whilst at university. And for reacquainting me with the swimming pool!

Right now in the UK joining a club might not seem that great, but believe me the online network that has developed across the triathlon world is huge. Whetehr it be facebook chats or virtual training there is something for everyone. And before we know it we will be back to club training! There’s always someone similar to your ability and most clubs have different pace groups to join in with, whether that be swim, bike or run!

Check out the British Triathlon page to find a club near you.

And I am sure you know someone who is already doing triathlon who you can persuade to join you for a cycle or swim to ease your way in to this fab sport!

Incorporate the sports you don’t already do

Don’t have a bike? Check out my blog on buying your first bike here.
Never swum in open water? Check out my blog here on that.
Running whats that? How about couch to 5k!

Grab a friend and make a start, it doesn’t matter how far or how long it takes you just give it a go.

NB: If you are a non-swimmer then please wait until the swimming pools open and you can get some tuition at your local swimming pool!

Start small

No you don’t need to enter an Ironman in order to become a triathlete! There are so many different distances from super sprint to ultra so start small and get comfortable. Whilst there aren’t any races going on right now try incorporating one swim, one cycle and one run into your weekly routine and build up the distances slowly. Maybe you could create your own super sprint ‘race’ one weekend. Or join in with the many online virtual races happening currently.

Focus on your weakness

If you love to run and already do so, now is the time to get more confident on the bike or in the water. The weather here in the UK is great right now and there has never been a better time. Try spending a little longer doing the sports you wouldn’t normally do, and who knows you may love them as much as that morning run!

And finally…….Enjoy!

*smiling whilst swim/bike/running is guaranteed to make you go faster 😉

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